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Freeing Yourself From The Opinions 
Of Others

Dr. Shara Ally reviews the relationship between external validation and anxiety, as well as the impact this has on a person individually and as a collective. This co-dependent relationship is further discussed as Shara offers insight into understanding the importance of knowing what you want out of life for yourself, rather than what you think others want from you. Shara offers her own personal experience of how she managed the complexities of relentlessly seeking the thoughts others had of her, and the solution that finally set her free from the opinions of others.


"Often times our self-confidence and self-esteem are measured by the opinions others have of us. As a result, we are constantly changing who we are for the sake of being accepted and to feel included. We simply lose who we are authentically, and our self-identity becomes defined by what others think of us. As an outcome, we are continuously chasing after validation from others, positioning people at a higher risk of experiencing negative mental health symptoms and ailments, specifically anxiety." - Dr. Shara Ally

Shara Ally
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