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Cancer Care Ambassador,
Grand River Hospital 

Ms. Canada United World, Dr. Shara Ally: Official Ambassador 




Donate Today

DONATE to the Cancer, Care Never Stops Program to help raise funds to support Grand River Hospital's patients with new equipment, unfunded medications, and social support!

Shara Ally
Shara Ally


Ms. Canada United World 2022 Support 

As Ms. Canada United World 2022, it is an honor for Shara to give back to the hospital she was born at and the community she grew up in through her Ambassador role in the Cancer Care Department. Her goal is to raise funds for the patients to receive unfunded medications and gain capital for new equipment. 


Dr. Ally Support 

As a health care clinician, Shara believes and supports in the research and development needed to finally combat the awful disease called, cancer. She completed her fourth year undergraduate clinical rotation in the cancer care department at Grand River Hospital and is now donating her time back to this phenomenal organization that provides exemplary care!

Shara Ally
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